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Alumni Services Office

Office Functions

  • Providing information to the University alumni about different academic, cultural and administrative projects and activities carried out by this office and others around the University.
  • Formulating, designing and implementing the Proyecto Seguimiento Integral (Integral Follow-up Project) for the University alumni.
  • Keeping the University database up to date and compiling personal and professional information about the University alumni.
  • Processing the issuance of the alumni ID card.
  • Keeping the alumni link at the University main page up to date.
  • Developing and maintaining academic, professional and administrative cooperation relations with other alumni offices in other universities and other alumni associations, the Ministry of Education; university, company and government comitees, and other such public and private organizations.
  • Managing the Alumni Office publications and their functions, projects and activities.
  • Creating and spreading information through the University media.
  • Organizing cultural and social activities for the University alumni in order to create a solid alumni community.   
  • Publicizing job offers from public and private sectors and establishing relations with them to satisfy such demands for human capital.
  • Seeking the means through which the University alumni may join research "seedbed" programs or research groups.
  • Establishing the criteria for University projects that seek to supply social needs.
  • Organizing social events for alumni.
  • Periodically informing alumni about academic, social and cultural activities in the University and any such relevant news through emails and social networks.
  • Overseeing the creation, updating and maintenance of the alumni database and making the alumni annual directory.
  • Proposing the creation of any kind of social activity that promotes and strengthens unity amongst its members.
  • Hosting the Progresados radio show at UFM Stereo 102.1 

Mission and Vision

Mission: To be the communication channel between the Uniquindío alumni and the University by way of becoming familiar  with their professional development and promoting any further education.

Vision: By the year 2015, the Alumni Services Office will be nationally and internationally recognized as an office which stands for the integration of the alumni and the university. Through this office, the social and laboral relevance of the academic programs and majors at the University of Quindío programs may be gauged.