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Business Administration -Distance


1998:The faculty is restructured with the name of economics and administrative sciences.

2004:Curriculum design through Agreement Number 001 of Academic Council, May 12.

2005:Academic peers did a visit in order to evaluate minimal conditions of quality.

2006:Qualified Registration is granted by the Ministry of National Education; number5770 September 22,2006-Distance methodology and number 2565 May 30,2006 - face to face methodology.

2013:Academic peers visited the program to evaluate the conditions of quality of face to face methodology.

2013:Academic peers visited the program to evaluate the conditions of quality of distance methodology.

2013:Qualified registration is granted by the Ministry of National Education for the face to face modality for 7 years.


The Business Management Program of the Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences educates upright professionals with abilities to lead, innovate and research in order to manage competitive and socially responsible organizations with the purpose of dealing with the needs of growth and development of the national and international business.


To be recognized in 2017 as an innovative and creative program with an academic excellence and being competitive at national and international level through upright professionals of high quality who work in any business context.

Degree granted: Business Manager.

Number of credits: 155


The business of the business administrator are as follows:

Professional Profile:

  • The Business Administration graduate willacquire basic knowledge that enables him/her to:
  • Systematically integrate organizational management processes: Planning, organizing, directing, and controlling resources regarding market needs, so that expected results may be achieved in an efficient way.
  • Recognize different business environments and understand how a company works and how feasible projects are developed- create a professional who is committed to the ethical conduction of business in both a local and a global context.
  • Manage negotiation alternatives, oversee processes, identify opportunities and transform problems into feasible businesses development alternatives.
  • Formulate projects and implement globalization strategies focused on entrepreneurship and upper management.

Occupational Profile

The University of Quindío Business Administration graduate will acquire the necessary knowledge, qualifications, skills and motivations to perform as:

  • The manager of their own entrepreneurial business with an international projection.
  • A consultant and advisor regarding theformulation and development of business plans in both a local and an international context.
  • A leader in logistical, commercial, financial, technological and business processes in both a local and an international context.
  • A researcher in managerial, administrational and commercial areas.

Contact us

Business Administration with an emphasis in International Business or Tourism

Building V. 

Phone:57 - 6-7359300 ext. 386-409. 

Schedule of attention:Monday to Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 12:00 m. and  from 2:00 pm - 6:00 pm, Saturday from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm Continuing Day. and