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Degree in Modern Languages


University of Quindío educate upright people with ability of leadership;it produces and applies knowledge in the social environment based on pedagogical and administrative principles which guarantee the comprehensive training,the consolidation of research groups and networks of cooperation,the exploration  of the necessities and possibilities of the territory, interacting with the actors of the social development with equity and maximum coverage in a constant process of improvement of the quality in exercise of  the university autonomy with the idea of obtaining ability to change,a solid basis  of scientific knowledge,the consolidation of culture and the development of productive skills and environmental management in order to have welfare and improvement of  quality of life of society.The writing of the mission was made by members of the CAU,based on the results of the workshop Forjando Futuro.It has a long explanatory text (Annex number 11) in which are identified the elements taken into account to be created.The mission of modern languages program is to train upright professionals in the field of teaching of foreign languages.(English and French) with investigative skills, ability to develop research and provide services of social projection working continuously in the assessment,the review and the improvement of the curriculum of the degree,developing projects based on postgraduate programs that respond to the requirements of today in order to solve the problem inherent to the field in the regional and national community. What does the program do? It develops educational processes which lead to the comprehensive training of a degree in modern languages with   strengths in the theory of disciplines,teaching,research and cultural development and need skills to perform in the practice of teaching. How does the program do? It uses the concept of learning to learn,learning to do,learning to be and learning to live; in the same way,on the basis of pedagogical and disciplinary principles, educational policies,legal provisions and investigative perspective.Why and for whom does the program do? Because it is necessary to contribute to the improvement of teaching and to benefit the educational community of the region and the country;in the same way,it helps to the improvement of teaching and to benefit the educational community of the region and country.


University of Quindío in 2015 will be recognized at an international level as an institution of high academic quality and by its excellence in educational,research and social projection projects to respond to the challenges,dreams and commitments to society in a democratic,humanistic,cultural,aesthetic and scientific environment in a permanent social dialogue with the actors committed to the regional and national sustainable development.The writing of the mission was made by members of the CAU based on the results of the workshop Forjando Future and it has an explanatory text. Modern languages program will be a high academic unit in teacher training in foreign languages projects,research projects and projection social projects which will facilitate the solution of community problems related to its subject,by means of a continuous process of assessment,the participation of actors committed to the development of the region and country. How will be the program? It will be a leader by the excellence of its curricular structure, the strength of research and quality of its graduates.Which is the use of the program? It is the training of teachers who will have a positive impact on education.How will the program achieve it? it will use a constant curricular self-assessment,research in its disciplines and its teaching, effective social projection, high performance in external evaluations and permanent comparison among the theoretical developments that are promoted in the national and international academic environment.

General information

Granted degree: Degree in Modern Languages

SNIES code: 827

Qualified registration: Resolution number 5863, August 6, 2010

Modality: Face- to- face

Study day: Day/Night          

Duration: 10 Semesters

Academic credits: 160

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Telephone: (57) - 6 – 7359381

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Schedule of attention: Monday to Friday: from 8:00 am to 12:00 pm and from 2:00 pm to 7:00 pm.