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Degree in Spanish and Literature


In the context of learning to learn;learning to do,leaning to be and learning to live together,the program proposes as mission the integral training of a degree in the field oflanguage with the necessary competences to perform in the practice of teaching,combining the ethical professional development and the responsibility with other specific,pedagogical, didactics and investigative knowledge related to Spanish language.


The degree in Spanish and literature will be recognized in 2015 as one of the degree programs leaders of the country by the excellence of its curricular structure,the commitment with the research and social projection, the linking of students and professors in research processes,the quality of its graduates and its broad portfolio of services to the educational community.



The professional profile of degree in Spanish is glimpsed through his training for:

  • The domain of pedagogical knowledge and deep knowledge about the different approaches of his discipline, expressed in the domain of theoretical paradigms which arose of science of language and applied to the study of Spanish language and literature analysis.
  • The research in the fields of his disciplinary knowledge to recognize,judge and interpret the regional and national values.
  • The deep and updated training in the fields of his competence as basis for a serious and rigorous reflection about the Spanish language,his literature and his cultural manifestations.
  • The ability to correlate transversely scientific knowledge as part of fulfilling the educational mission of our University and its historical and social commitment.
  • The understanding of the language as a way of cultural interaction through which it is constituted the social ties,and the conditions for a good coexistence inside and outside academic world.



The degree in Spanish and literature is assembled to the world of work as teacher and research in the field of language (Spanish and literature)for the basic and secondary education with competences that prepare him to serve as:

  • Teacher in the field of language(Spanish and literature) and its cultural manifestations.
  • Editor of humorous works with private enterprises and public sector.
  • Guiding diagnosis about state reader of a specific public.
  • Programmer of campaigns and projects which lead to reading excellence of different sectors of the population;sponsored by public sector and the private enterprise
  • Manager of projects that promotes reading with civic associations,parents,graduates and the private sector.
  • Participant in processes of cultural reconstruction developed within the school system or subcultures.
  • Writer of literary works,critical essays about literature,texts and didactic material.
  • Critic and analyst of the production of the means of communication from a semiotic point of view.
  • Critical reader of society and culture through literature,semiotics and mass media.
  • Writer of essays and monographs with the purpose of interpreting and keeping memories of the literary,semiotic and theatrical production of the country and the region.
  • Designer,planer of research in the different areas of the program.
  • Manager and executant of artistic projects in different socio-cultural spaces.
  • Critical reader of society and culture through literature, semiotics and media.

General information

Degree granted: Degree in Spanish and literature

SNIES code:3865

Qualified registration: Resolution number 2424, September 15, 2000 

Modality:Face- to- face

Study Day: Night

Duration: 10 Semesters

Academic credits: 160

Contact us

Telephone:(57) - 6 – 7359379


Schedule of attention: Monday to Friday: From 8:00 a.m. to 12:00 m and from 3:00 7:00 p.m.