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Faculty of Engineering


The Faculty of Engineering is an academic-scientific organization that constitutes an integral part of the University of Quindío. It is a public institution that belongs to the National System of Higher Education. By being a part of it, each and every Colombian high school graduate has the same personal, scientific, and professional development opportunities within the engineering field. Thus, the engineering graduate, as a politically-conscious engineer who is aware of Colombia’s national problems and who is willing to contribute with public service-oriented solutions and with social leadership, may contribute to the construction and preservation of a just, pacific, solidary and intelligent society.

With the purpose of strengthening its institutional quality, the Faculty of Engineering has established a corporate image since 1996. It reflects the faculty’s academic and scientific organization and projects its benefits, values, principles and meaning into the national context. All of this, coupled with a goal to find its own place in the educational and corporate market, differentiates this faculty from others of the same type.

Mission and Vision

Mission:The faculty of Engineering is an educational enterprise that is made up of socially-conscious managers, professors, and other types of staff. It offers a model of all-round education to Colombian high school graduates in order to supply the country with socially, professionally and scientifically-educated engineers who are at the service of society.

Vision:The Faculty of Engineering will become an optimal academic-scientific environment, where Colombian high school graduates will be formed in humanitarian, scientific and professional values; who will in turn generate a greater quality of life for their communities and their country.