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Faculty of Humanities and Fine Arts


Faculty of Humanities and Fine Arts

Sciences Building, Block X, 4th floor

Phone Number: 57-6-735900 Ext. 337 - 875


Business Hours: Monday to Friday: 8:00am to 12:00pm - 2:00pm to 6:00pm


The historical background of the Faculty of Humanities and Fine Arts goes back to the very beginning of the University, when departments were first being structured. The Humanities Department was thus created, which included the Social Sciences and Pedagogy and Educational Management Majors.

In 1984, the University closed down for several months in order to give it a thorough restructuring process, to change its academic direction, and to revise its majors. The Division of Humanities then disappeared to give way to the Faculty of Education, as per directives detailed in Decree-Law 80 from 1980. In 1991, the Faculty of Education, created in 1984, was broken down into the Faculty of Technological and Basic Sciences (which included the Mathematics, Computation, Electricity, Electronics, and Vegetable Products Chemistry majors ) and the Faculty of Humanities (which included the Gerontology, Modern Languages, Educational Technology, Re-educational Pedagogy, Spanish and Literature, and BA in Community Promotion).  

During the early 90s, the current structure of the Faculty of Humanities and Fine Arts is gradually created, starting with the Gerontology major, the Community Promotion major (which would later become the Social Work Major), and the Communication, Social-Journalism, Philosophy, Information and Documentation Science, Librarianship and Archiving majors; as well as the Regional Studies Center and its study units like the Social Observatory, the Vanessa Project, and the Quindos Archaeological Studies Center and Museum. The rest of the majors were transfered to the Faculty of Education.

The Visual Arts Major, managed by the Fine Arts Institute (which is part of the Faculty) is created. 

Mission and Vision

Mission: The Faculty of Humanities and Fine Arts promotes, generates and applies any knowledge related to the characteristics of the social and human condition. Likewise, it educates analytical, responsible and autonomous citizens with outstanding argumentative skills, a high awareness of social problems, and a capacity to prompt transformations that favor the regional and national well-being. 

Vision: In the year 2019, the faculty will become nationally and internationally notorious for the quality of its professionals, the relevance of its research and its social well-being projects; it will be vigilant of political and institutional rulings with the best social interest in mind. The majors and study centers of the faculty will be thought and action environments which will stand out academically for their leadrship and cooperative skill formation.