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Foreign Relations Office

Office Functions

1. Promoting international recognition for the University.

2. Promoting the internationalization process in the administrative, academic and studentship areas, as well as in the institution's substantive functions.

3. Promoting strategic partnerships and alliances with national and international institutions and organizations in order to promote and fund higher education. 

4. Generating interest about acquiring international experiences that may help University students to reach their professional goals.

5. Actively participating in internal and external asociations and networks related to the internationalization process.

6. Creating academic interaction opportunities within an international context.

7. Creating awareness in the academic community about the importance of being bilingual in the University internationalization process.

8.  Designing and implementing guidelines for the Educación Transfronteriza (Cross-Border Education), Internacionalización en Casa (Internationalization at Home) and International Cooperation programs as grounds for the institutional internalization process.