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Master\'s degree in Materials Science

training Masters with high academic competence of new materials with a sense of belonging,ability to analyze,lead,create and research;based on ethical and scientific processes; encouraging consolidation of interdisciplinary groups that contribute to the transformation of their environment;committed to education, the cultural, scientific and technological development of the region and the country in order to  improve our society.
The Master's degree in Materials Science program of the University of Quindio in 2015 will be recognized as a program of high quality, in academic,research and  social projection areas, in all processes which are generated in it and which  respond to social problems and regional, national and international requirements.
Degree granted: Masters in Materials Science
Number of academic credits: The program  has been designed with 48 academic credits.
You have to Acquire a PIN for registration;after that, you need to present in the program office the documents requested on the website of the University.You can find this information at the botton of the page in which there is a box named"Guide of postgraduates" you click in the item"registration and admission process" and there you find the requirements you have to submit.
  1. To have a professional degree in some field of Physics,Biology,Mathematics, Chemistry or Engineering.
  2. To pass the admission test or leveling courses. The applicant will have to take an exam about basic topics in electromagnetism,thermo-dynamics and Mathematical Methods.The applicant will have the option to take exams of proficiency in one or two of the topics of leveling courses,and  he  could  take  the exams which he consideres appropriate,on the condition that the applicant  passes the courses in the modalities chosen previously.
  1. To develop and pass a research work.
  2. To certify a minimum level of English reading through a standardized test (Michigan, Toefl, etc.)
Contact us
SNIES 12034
Res. MEN 12519-13 September,2013 - 7 Years
Interdisciplinary Institute of Science building, diagonal to the Basic Sciences and Humanities building.
Phone: 57- 6- 7359300 Ext. 331-857-859.
Schedule of attention: Monday to friday from 8:00 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. - from: 2:00 p.m. to 5:30 p.m