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Food Engineering


Food Engineering Major

SNIES 52573

NME Res. 3888, March 20, 2014 - 7 years

Agro-Industrial Sciences building, block Z.

Phone Number: 57-6-7359300 Ext. 366


Business Hours: Monday to Friday: 8:00am to 11:30am - 2:00pm to 5:30pm


The creation of the Faculty of Agro-Industrial Sciences in the year 2000 allowed for a number of regional needs and academic opportunities to be adressed, among which was a food-related university major. This was the reason why some members of the newly-founded faculty initially proposed the creation of the Food Engineering Major.

The Superior Council issued Agreement No. 002 on February 8, 2005, which allwed for the Food Engineering Major to be approved and for the presentation of the project to CONACES- National Ministry of Education.

The National Ministry of Education granted their High Quality Certification to the major for a 7-year term through Resolution No. 7367, November 22, 2006. The first modification to the major's curriculum with a view to earn the Ministry High Quality Certification was approved through Agreement No. 012, September 11, 2013. On March 20, 2014, the Ministry of Education grants the High Quality Certification for a second time through Resolution No. 3888. 

Mission and Vision

Mission: The Food Engineering Major is a team of professors, administrative personnel and other such staff, who are committed to the ideal of educating outstanding, socially and ecologically responsible food engineers with a capacity to solve complex problems and address market and society needs, by way of applying engineering, scientific and technological concepts related to food, all with a view to raising business productivity.

Vision: For the year 2018, the Food Engineering Major will be regionally recognized for leading and developing innovative process and products within the field of the food industry which make a positive impact in the region and contribute to food security.

Granted Title

Food Engineer

Number of Credits


Professional and Occupational Profiles


The Food Engineering Major trains socially and ecologically responsible professionals, with a capacity to:

  • Design processes and products, as well as manage food production systems.
  • Formulate and evaluate food development projects.
  • Formulate and implement research and technical development projects.
  • Create and consolidate food businesses.
  • Design and implement quality management integrated systems.


The food engineering professional has been trained to perform as:

  • Technical manager or facility manager for food businesses.
  • Production manager or facility director for food businesses.
  • Public servant in managerial proitions that are related to the overseeing, inspection and control of food production and distribution companies.
  • Public servant in managerial positions related to food quality inspection and the management of programs related to such field.  
  • Food quality systems auditor.
  • Food research center director.
  • Agri-food businesses quality manager.
  • Consultant or advisor for the food industry field.
  • Research and development manager for food companies.
  • Food business manager or CEO. 


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