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Technology in Electronic Instrumentation

The Technology in Electronic Program was created by agreement of the Supreme Council Number 097 on October 3rd,1995.It began his work in the first half of 1996 on the day and the first half of 2004 in the night period.It obtained its qualified registration by Resolution Number 3740 on September 1rst,2005 for a period of seven years.Now the Ministry of National Education (MEN) renewed its qualified registration by Resolution Number 2563 on March 14,2013 for another period of 7 years.
Under article 42 of Decree 1295 of 2010,the program changed its name to"Technology in Electronic Instrumentation"which was approved by the Supreme Council of the University through Decision Number 010 on November 9,2012.It was promptly reported to the Ministry of National Education – MEN about it.
Curricular reforms made in the program are due to a critical and constructive reflection by academic community which has aimed to have a training program committed to quality;it generates human development and promotes academic changes.It is identified completely with the new institutional and political policies of national order; specifically,Plan to strengthen the technical and technological training and 2019 plan of the presidency of the republic which are part of the strategies for expanding educational coverage and improving the quality of higher education.
To achieve academic excellence,the program has implemented justifiably a curriculum taking into account the three basic functions; all aimed at improving the educational coverage,quality and relevance of technological training and make the academic excellence more consistent with the needs of the productive sector and national and regional development,this from a process of continuous self-evaluation that integrated the entire academic community of the program.
Technology in Electronic Instrumentation program is committed to train people in the area of electronics, research and social projection activities, promoting honesty, respect and cohabitation,leading in an efficient way the solution of problems and the application of new technologies in order to contribute to the development of country.
Technology in Electronic Instrumentation program will be recognized for its leadership and high academic standing and it maintains its continuous and appropriate commitment to the social and economic development of the region and the nation.
Degree granted: Technologist in Electronic Instrumentation.
Number of academic credits: 96
Professional profile
Technology in Electronic Instrumentation program trains technologists in  Electronic Instrumentation capable of dealing with the design,implementation and realization of preventive and corrective maintenance of electronic instrumentation systems and electronic systems in general;these through the development of skills that allow them provide solutions to problems of the environment with social responsibility.
Occupational profile
The Technologist in Electronic Instrumentation of the University of Quindío can work as:
  1. Responsible for maintenance of instrumentation equipment and control in industrial enterprises.
  2. Electronic maintenance supervisor in the area of Instrumentation and Control.
  3. Assist in the design and implementation of control systems, Instrumentation and Communications.
  4. Electronic Engineering Assistant.
  5. Micro- entrepreneur in the area of electronic maintenance.
  6. Micro- entrepreneur of the installation of control equipment,Instrumentation and Measurement.
  7. Responsible for the maintenance of biomedical equipment in healthcare companies.
Contact us 
SNIES 102327
Res. MEN 2563- 14 Marzo 2013 - 7 years
Basic Sciences and Technologies building, block A, floor 2.
Phone: 57 -6- 7359300 Ext. 344 - 883.
Schedule of attention: Monday to Friday from: 8:00 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. – from: 3:00 p.m. to 6:30 p.m.

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