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Masterís degree in Plant Biology

The development of the Master’s degree in Plant Biology generates new knowledge around the plant resources for contributing to the education of the community and the development of science and technology with the purpose of creating strategies for the conservation,use and protection of flora and ultimately the production of environmental goods (food,medicine,paper,etc.)in order to improve the quality of life of communities.
With master’s degree is expected to improve the quality of management on plant resources of the region and qualify professionals in the biological, agricultural, chemical and environmental sciences. In the same way, they can develop as: managers and researchers of institutes, laboratories, germ plasm banks, regional corporations, herbariums, museums; also they can work as teachers in secondary level and university.
Our graduates will be able to participate actively in groups and multidisciplinary research projects that help to develop methodologies to solve problems related to plant biology, whose current trends are aimed at functional diversity, ecosystem restoration, and conservation of species, phylogenetic systematics, molecular biology, agricultural biotechnology, genomics and others.
Degree granted: Masters in Science-Plant Biology.
  • To get a PIN  by way of registration
  • Application form which have to be duly filled.
  • To provide a Resume
  • Copy of graduation certificate or copy of graduate degree.
  • Copy of identity document.
  • Copy of military card
  • Certificate of Grade Point Average (GPA)
  • To provide a summary of the research project to be carried and the possible Director of it
  • An interview with the Curriculum Council in which personal aspects, psychological, attitudinal,academic,labor and research are evaluated.
Number of academic credits: 53
Professional profile
It is the set of knowledge,skills,techniques,abilities,competences,attitudes and attitudes that make the Masters in Plant Biology an autonomous person with the ability to argue, conceptualize and evaluate in an objective way research projects related to flora.
  • To understand and manage current investigative techniques in the field of plant biology and related areas.
  • Ability to identify problems related to the knowledge,use and conservation of flora. Also,ability to suggest and implement strategies to provide viable solutions.
  • To formulate,develop,advise and evaluate research projects that contribute to generate scientific knowledge for sustainable use of vegetation.
  • To participate in interdisciplinary research teams.
  • To promote positive attitudes and aptitudes about use,conservation and protection of plant diversity.
Occupational profile
It is the ability to execute and manage before the different Local,Regional,National and International entities,and in terms of environmental issues required by law in order to performance executive and administrative positions or as technical and scientific advisor in institutions with competence in plant diversity.
  • Directors of Institutes and researchers dedicated to scientific research.
  • Directors and researchers of Laboratories who work as creators of products obtained from plant or to be applied to them.
  • Directors and researchers of Plant Germplasm Banks.
  • Teachers of courses Botany,Ecology and Plant Biotechnology in secondary and university education.
  • Researchers and  planner of management of the flora in CAR Regional Autonomous Corporations of Colombia,National Natural Parks or other government institutions.
  • Director,curator and researcher in Herbarium.
  • Managers,consultants or advisors of research projects about Flora.
  • Directors or program coordinators of monitoring flora.
  • Directors or tutors of professional staff (young researchers) in training process in Plant Biology.
  • Difussers of knowledge orleaders in campaigns,programs,plans and projects in plant biology as a basic conservation strategy.
Contact us 
SNIES 15894
Res. MEN 5813 -  Octuber 2nd,2007 - 7 years
Basic sciences and technologies building,block A,floor 4.
Phone:7- 6 - 7359300 Ext. 338
Schedule of attention: Monday to friday from:8:00 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. -from:2:00 p.m. to 5:30 p.m.

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