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Physics Program was created by agreement of the Supreme Council on December 06,2004.It had the first Qualified Registry for 7 years by Resolution Number 3759 on September 1st,2005 given by the MEN and it was assigned SNIES 20915 registration. Nowadays,it is recognized the importance of the contribution of science and technology in economic and social development of a country;it is fact that they are constituted as powerful tools of knowledge of world.Similarly,they provide to the society the required elements to transform this knowledge into material goods that can meet different the needs of the society (Globalization), and Colombia should not ignore that reality.
Based on the above,the Physics program of the University of Quindío in taking this challenge under the current circumstances of socio-economic and techno- scientific developments at national,regional and institutional levels,it meets the needs of the academic community,the institution and ecoregion.It looks the strengthening of basic science and applied science,specially physics and related areas,as the alternatives for the scientific and technological development required by the region and the country.On September 11,2012 it obtained the second renewal qualified registration for 7 years by Resolution of MEN Number 10990.
The Physics program trains professionals in Physics with quality and competitiveness through a systematic process of academic activities and training research to achieve a professional with high quality who is able to solve difficulties related to his area.
Physics Program will be leader in the region and it will help to strengthen and spread the knowledge of physics in the region and the country,and it will maintains the academic,social and cultural qualifications of the Physicist of tomorrow, in such way it allows an interaction constantly with specific and related knowledge in order to build a society where values are taught,where people are respected and tolerate each other and where national identity is searched.
Degree granted: Physicist
Number of credits: 156
Professional profile
The referred curriculum contains general and specific components which are enough and necessary for the graduate to develop skills,competencies and a high competitive performance in his professional field that allow him:
  • To participate in basic research about physics problems.
  • Serving as a researcher in the process of innovation and technological development.
  • To Interpret and explain the phenomena of physical nature related to his field.
  • To use and transmit theoretical and practical knowledge as well as to apply his expertise in the field of engineering and related areas such as biophysics and physicochemical.
  • To participate in scientific research in the productive sectors,particularly in the processes of quality control, research and development of the regional industry.
  • To contribute in an effective way to the solution of problems related to the line of specific training.
  • To perform in consultancies related to Metrology,Standards Quality Standards and Physics and / or Electronics instrumentation.
Occupational profile
Likewise,the graduate in Physics could perform specific functions of the profession in the following areas:
  • Consultancies in the public and private sector.
  • Basic and applied research related to the deepening lines.
  • To advice to public and private entities in acquiring technological packages.
  • Industry whose needs require specialized services of professionals trained in physics.
  • Multidisciplinary work related to the solution of problems about environmental pollution (atmosphere,water bodies, radiation,energy,etc.).
Contact us
SNIES 20915
Res. MEN 10990 – September 11, 2012 - 7 years
Sciences building, block A, floor 2.
Phone: 57- 6 - 7359300 Ext. 347.
E- mail:
Schedule of attention: Monday to Friday from:8:00 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. –from:2:00 p.m. to 5:30 p.m.

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