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Due to the regional and national demand,the need to professionalize Technologists in Chemical of Vegetable Products,this with the purpose of achieving new goals or improve the professional level and given the job opportunities available for professionals in chemistry;it arose a desire to make a career that allow to project themselves in the community.The economic accessibility and having family support in the city were factors that influence the selection of the program and the institution.
Taking into account the above,the Academic Council at its meeting on December 7,1995,upon recommendation of the Curricular Committee of Technology in Chemical of Vegetable Products program;it unanimously decided to recommend to the Superior Council of the University to approve the Chemistry program.The Authority found that was appropriate to carry out the implementation of it.In the same way,it decided to approve the Chemistry Program by Agreement Number 112 of December 19, 1995.
The Chemistry Program of the University of Quindío,it is a unique institution in professional training in chemistry in the coffee belt region.Each semester it offers to the community about 40 portions to which have access mostly students from the North Valle,Tolima and other regions.
Since its beginnings,the Chemistry Program has shown a high students demand which is maintained during 8 years of the program.Applicants of its area of influence see the program as the best choice in the area of chemistry at the regional level. 
Provide general and specific knowledge in the area of Chemistry and comprehensive education aimed at improving the quality of life and working environment with specialized human talent.
Consolidate as the first program of Chemistry in the region preferred by students and business guild owing to its resources, quality and a team of the highest quality who is committed to the research and/or teaching to meet the needs of students and business owners.
Degree granted: Chemist
Number of academic credits: 175
In order to analyze in detail the meaning of the professional profile of Professional in Chemistry and according to the vision of the University of Quindío,Faculty and Program,and based on the curriculum conceptual foundation of Chemistry Program;it will be interpreted from the perspective of three important components which define this profile:
  • Human Profile: It allows us to recognize the system of personal and social values that must characterize a professional citizen in Chemistry.
  • Academic Profile: It characterizes the set of disciplinary,pedagogical and teaching knowledge used by a professional in chemistry to develop his profession.
  • Occupational Profile:It identifies professional competencies of professional in Chemistry,it means what this professional should know how to perform well in the field of chemistry.
Professional profile
Based on the above the professional in chemistry will be able to perform the following activities:
  • Acting in a critical way serving to the society,incorporating his practice the values of citizenship within ethical criteria.
  • Searching and optimizing the use of natural,conventional,unconventional and synthetic resources.
  • Promoting the protection of natural resources participating in associations,guilds or groups with the same purpose and collaborating in the analysis and interpretation of regulations related to the use of natural resources.
  • Participating in the development of technical standards for the development of new products.
  • Being part of interdisciplinary research groups.
  • Adapting the professional practice to the cultural conditions of society.
  • Advising projects designed to improve the quality of life of the community.
  • Projecting the region through professionals who can transcend the environment.
Occupational profile
The program sees the occupational profile as a set of competencies and skills relating to the performance of the professional in chemistry. From this profile are emphasized the following professional roles:
Educator:University Professor who is former of citizens committed to the socio-cultural context of the country, service-minded, sensitive to community problems,ethical and moral principles in guiding younger generations.
Researcher:He understands this role as the work developed for the professional to the advancement of knowledge with reflective,critical and analytical thinking,updated,restless for knowledge,inquisitive,innovative.For this task it is needed the ability to work in teams,management of a foreign language,knowledge of systems and interdisciplinary synthesis ability.
Adviser-Manager:Professional in Chemistry is able carry out consultancies which aims at developing of research projects. In the same way,he is able to study,analyze,diagnose and formulate the organization,management and planning in educational institutions;he advises the construction of curricula in chemistry, serving as administrative assistant in the school at any level and as head of the science curriculum area.For this,he needs to have qualities such as leadership,impartiality, transparency,receptiveness,executive power and interdisciplinary vision.
SNIES 3560
Res. MEN 15538- 30 Nov. 2012 - 7 years
Res. MEN 12340 - 28 Sep 2012 - 4 years
Basic sciences building, block A, floor 3.
Phone: 57 -6- 7359300 Ext. 345.
Schedule of attention: Monday to Friday from: 8:00 a.m. to 11:30 a.m.–from: 2:00 p.m. ato 5:30 p.m.

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