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The purpose of creating the Faculty of Medicine was being analyzed from the beginning of the stewardship of Dr.Fabio Arias Velez in 1977 and he was the driving force of this idea.In the same way,he commissioned Doctor Jaime Arango to coordinate a group of medical professional in order to study the viability of the proposal.

Dr. Jaime Arango was the person who proposed as an original and unprecedented fact in medical education in our country, "the curricular modality systems"which  by this time, it had been used in the faculties Medine of the Universities of Mc Master in Canada,Western Reserve in Cleveland, and Sochimilco in Mexico. This suggestion was considered and analyzed by the group with other modalities. Finally,it was accepted unanimously and it was constituted as principal component of the covering letter in the approval process for new faculty,by the ICFES and ASCOFAME.

Currently, The Medicine program is nationally recognized for its quality. Until the date, it has graduated 28 promotions, it achieved its qualified registration by Resolution Number 1567 on May 06, 2005 and high quality accreditation by Resolution Number 6672 October 30, 2006. Nowadays, we have renewal of accreditation of high quality through Resolution Number 11504 on December 9; it follows a curricular model system which is considered as unique in the country. Until now, it has shown good results in the training of the student.


The Medicine Program of the University of Quindío was an idea which arose from an educational project that privileges the health and quality of life,based on a curriculum of systems theory;it develops the management of knowledge through a curriculum for systems with skills,problems and projects in different scenes,classrooms and technology labs,care centers of low and high complexity supported by information networks,research groups and interaction with communities to train  of a doctor socially competent.


In 2015,the Medicine Program of the University of Quindío will be a regional leader in the generation of knowledge through its research and scientific and technological innovations;its social commitment will be recognized for its projects community interaction,benefiting quality of life and academic management through new pedagogical approaches,these will allow training with quality and respect for the individual and the environment.

Granted degree: Doctor

Number of credits: 234



A doctor that thinks and acts systemically to solve a problem,he is able to adapt to changes in the social,cultural, technological and professional context.


He is a professional able to provide medical care in a complete way in the first and second level of complexity,including administrative activities and research of them;he is able to specialize in biomedical,socio-medical,clinical areas or in any specialized training center worldwide;also he manages knowledge,he produces research projects and interact with peers at local,regional and global level to promote health and quality of life.

Contac us 
Res. MEN 6309 -8 Junio de 2012 -7 years
Res. MEN 11504-12 Dic 2011 -6 years
Building Health Sciences, block O,floor 3.
Telephone: 57 - 6 - 7359300 Ext. 372.
Schedule of attention: Monday to Friday from 8:00 11:30 a.m. - from: 2:00 p.m.to5:30 p.m.

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