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Occupational Health -Distance


From first half of 1994,the University of Quindío through the faculty of distance and open education,it began to train professionals in Occupational Health at undergraduate level in different regions of the country (Caldas,Cauca,Quindío, Risaralda,Magdalena,Tolima y Valle del Cauca) to promote the development and implementation of technologies for occupational risk prevention,in addition to facilitate more community participation in order to reduce costs for employers and the state which are caused by accidents at work and occupational diseases.In the second half of 1999, the Occupational Health Program was attached to the Faculty of Health Sciences.Today,the program has 3,116 graduates.

To continue offering Occupational Health;Ministry of Education through Resolution Number 3291 on April 5,2013 granted qualified registration to the tutoring centers for a period of seven years to the following cities: Armenia, Pereira, Buga, Candelaria, and Buenaventura.Also,it is approved to change Villamaría Tutoring Center to Manizales,and the opening is given to the tutoring center of Santiago de Cali in order to start functioning in the second half of 2013.


The undergraduate in Occupational Health seeks to train qualified professionals with high academic level who are committed to build a more just and humane society;for this reason,the integral formation and academic excellence acquired through research and learning,they will allow the acquisition of experiences that encourage responsibility and the ethics in the new professional,in this way,it contributes to the development of the region and the country.


To train professionals for the construction of a fair relationship between work,health and environment generating democratic and participatory spaces and recognizing themselves as subjects of rights and duties.

Granted degree: professional in Occupational Health.

Number of credits: 160


Graduates of the Occupational Health Program with knowledge and actions can actively participate in the following professional activities:
  • Promoting a culture of occupational health of social character,involving in its activities the following aspects:lifestyle and development environment of a whole community.
  • Knowing the principles and concepts of promotion and prevention In order to plan,manage,implement and evaluate of Occupational Health Programs.
  • Analyzing the generating processes of accidents at work and occupational diseases,considering and proposing appropriate methods and strategies in the area of occupational health.
Graduates of Occupational Health is characterized by having the knowledge about Occupational Health of social character; it includes any community,no matter its activity,development environment and lifestyle.Based on the above,he will be able to:
  • To propose and develop research projects in the areas of Preventive Medicine and Industrial Hygiene and Safety.
  • To organize and develop activities about Promotion and Prevention in Occupational Risks.
  • To outline appropriate methods and strategies in the area of Occupational Health.
  • To design, implement and evaluate Occupational Health Programs.
  • To performance as Consultant and Adviser of Occupational Health Programs in both public sector and private industry at administrative level.
  • To manage and direct entities that carry out their activities in the field of health and everything related to environmental studies.
  • Advise studies and research about occupational health activities.

Contact us

SNIES 20619

Res.MEN 14810- Nov 16,2012 - 7 years

Building heath sciences,block O,floor 3.

Telephone:57 -6 -7359300 Ext. 371.


Schedule of attention: Monday to Friday from: 8:00 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. - from: 2:00 p.m. to 5:30 p.m.

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