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On July 2000,Dr.Roberto Estefan-Chehab was named Dean of the faculty of Health Sciences.From there,he stated his idea of beginning a project for the creation of the Nursing program as part of a development plan of the Faculty.Dr.Estefan presented the results of his fist phase of the project to the Director of the University,Engineer Héctor Polania Rivera who expressed his support to continue the task.From that time,the nurses Cano sand Patarroyo started constructing the document “Nursing project” in this way,they created the proposed nursing program with continuous advisory of Educator Hernán Bonilla. 

As a result of this work,a first document was presented:“Nursing Program Project"at the end of 2001.The then President of the University,Doctor Rafael Fernando Parra gave the guarantee to continue the project and he suggested that Professor-Nurse Ayde Carmen Fernández waslinked to the project.She at the time was supporting the Faculty of Humanities in the Social Work Program.To complement the project in the area of research,he asked to link to Fernández Nurse to this idea because her experience in the University.She took responsibility for the coordination working group of the project. 

In the meeting of The Council of the Faculty of Health Sciences on December 4,2003;Nurse Maria Luz Cano suggested some changes and finally the final document was crystallized:“Proposal for the creation of the Undergraduate Nursing Program" which is filed on June 22, 2004,in the General Secretary of the University for Necessary Action to the highest levels. Documents were discussed and approved unanimously in Academic Council and Superior Council in order to be submitted to the Ministry of Education.From there,it was organized a verification visit for the second half of calendar year 2004,carrying out the visit of the academic peers.During the first half of 2005,el Instituto Colombiano para la Formación y Educación Superior (ICFES) designated the code Number 120846100736300111100 by resolution of the Ministry of Education 1567 of May 6, 2005 that give life to the Nursing Program.Initiation of academic activities of the Nursing Program is carried out in the second half of 2006 which is managed by the Nurse Martha Lucia Bedoya Murillas as Program Director of Nursing.


The mission of the Nursing Program of the University of Quindío is focused on training professionals with deep respect for life and social sensibility,guided by the search for justice and solidarity,taking as guide the socioeconomic and political context of the country; professionals with great creativity, scientific foundation in the knowledge of human beings and inside his profession and educational,investigative, management competence that impact the health situation of Colombians; leading health as vital value and self-care,guiding to people families and communities in the development of their potentialities in the process of learning,doing and being responsible for their health self-care.He is committed to comprehensive nursing care quality which is cost efficient and modernization;he implements technological advances and he systematically applies research to search for results facing the permanent questioning about situations that reduce the population health and he influences the policy making and the reordering of resources through interdisciplinary work assuring the space for participation and social recognition of nursing.


The Nursing Program of the University of Quindío will be leader in the comprehensive health care and life of people and communities promoting a society that recognizes health as a vital value and a right to which all citizens can access with equality.It is committed to the development of responses to the health needs of the Colombian population,it will generate changes in it and it will promote the profession based on a research work in the light of collective articulated through lines of research and academic peers.

Granted degree: Nurse

Number of credits: 160



The essence of his professional  performance is the care of the health of people based on scientific knowledge to provide the biological,social and humanistic  sciences,theories and technologies of Nursing,ethical and moral values,research and education.

  • Solid comprehensive training that drives him in search of human development, quality of life for the community, the progress of the profession and his self-improvement in a constant way.
  • Extensive knowledge and critical analysis  of the country's health situation,its political,social,economic difficulties and cultural heritage issues,including in achieving better health for Colombians with the purpose of improving the health conditions of Colombians.
  • To apply the nursing process as methodology of work.
  • To use educational and communicative strategies in the teaching of self-care and technological advances in health.
  • To incorporate the research in the disciplinary and multidisciplinary context to identify and solve   problems in his performance.
  • Mysticism in his performance,ability to have great human relations and great management skills which allow him to exercise with leadership.
  • To integrate Nursing care to overall heath care within the limits of their practice.
  • To know and guide his performance within the framework of existing legislation on health and his profession.


  • To lead the self-care of people and communities promoting self-awareness, self-assessment and development potential, application of his skills and compensation of his limitations.
  • To participate in the approach and development of programs about maternal and child health,school health,occupational health,family health,adolescent heath,adult and elderly health.
  • To consolidate his performance through the independent exercise of his profession,designing and managing projects and other activities.
  • Participate in local,national and international networks to exchange and take advantage of research products.
  • To manage processes of promoting and protecting health and preventing disease at different levels in the individual, family,community groups and environment.
  • Participation in research groups that respond to real problems of health and the profession.
  • To take part in interdisciplinary and multi-sectorial groups committed to propose,implement and evaluate the health policies at the institutional, local, regional and national levels.
  • To define and apply ethical criteria and scientific and technological quality standards in the development of models of nursing care through his professional practice.
  • To manage physical resources and human talent which are intended for health care in the different levels of care.
  • Training of human resources in nursing to professional and vocational level.
  • To update the development of his profession placing his performance in companies in production sector.
  • To construct options for Nurses work performance,defined by the law that regulates the profession and the current health system. 
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