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Technology in Civil Works (Off-Campus)

Programa de Tecnología en Obras Civiles
NME Res. 7435- July 5th, 2012 - 7 year
Faculty of Engineering, Building T, 3rd floor.
Phone Number: 57- 6 – 7359360.
Business Hours: Monday to Friday 8:00 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. -  2:00 p.m. to 5:30 p.m.
The Technology Program in Civil Works, begins with the creation of the mode of open and distance education at the University of Quindio, ie, the program is a pioneer in this type of education in conjunction with the Bachelor of Basic Primary Degree in Preschool and Agricultural Technology. 
1983 Through the agreement 1 September 0044 Superior Council approved the opening of Technology in Civil Works program and authorized the initiation of activities from 10 September of the same year. In the beginning was covered in four (4) departments, Quindio, Risaralda, Tolima and Valle del Cauca. 
1996 The Supreme Council of the University of Quindio on June 18 issued the No 047 Agreement whereby renewed until July 31, 1998 the Civil Works Technology in accordance with the provisions of Law 30 of 1992 program. 
1999 Technology Program in Civil Works of the University of Quindio starts to become part of the School of Engineering since March 1, in compliance with the provisions of Agreement No. 0003 of February 18, 1999, the Superior Council by which a power is created, reorganize and other forms of classroom education, and distance semi articulate.
2004 a complete curriculum review was conducted and adjustments and updates that you placed the program in the new dynamics of higher education in Colombia, besides complying with the guidelines of Decree 2566 of 2003 and the "made ​​Curricular Policy "University. 
It was so 028 Agreement by December 20, 2004 the Superior Council of the curriculum redesign Technology in Civil Works program is adopted, this document became the basis for the development of the application to the Registry Qualified MEN. 
2005 The Ministry of National Education, by Resolution No. 4259 of September 25, was awarded the Qualified Registry for seven years, which ensures compliance with minimum standards of program quality. 
2009 In November 2009, students from the two (2) semesters, first presented the ECAES test, making the test of generic skills. The most recent amendment was enacted in 2004, due to new curriculum guidelines set forth in the Agreement 018/2003 the Higher Council of the University of Quindio and Decree 2566 of 2003 of the Ministry of Education, this curriculum reform Program I is expressed in credits. During this time the program has been offered with great sense of responsibility and seriousness in some towns of Valle del Cauca, Risaralda and Caldas, plus Armenia.
Our mission is the education of technologists with the skills, aptitudes and attitudes that allow them to function successfully within the challenges brought on by new trends in construction, framed by conserving natural resources and a high sense of ethics and humanities, in favor of the welfare and improvement of the quality of life of society.
This major will be recognized in 2015 as the best option for Technological training in Civil Works in Colombia for the high quality of its students and graduates, its research and social vocation, its flexible curriculum and constant updating, generating new technologies and processes for the construction industry. It will also be recognized for its commitment to preserving the environment, committed to the best quality of life and progress of the community.
Civil Works Technologist
• The Civil Works Technologist serves as Resident Work; Assistant management of construction projects. 
• In technical positions in public and private companies engaged in the generation, planning and construction of social development. 
• As an independent constructor by technical and economic capacity framed in the existing legislation. 
• As a consultant and / or project coordinator construction of affordable housing and self-build schemes promoted by government agencies and community associations. 
• In the Planning, Organization, Direction, Execution and Control of civil works.
The Civil Works Technologist is characterized by theoretical and practical skills that allow them to function effectively in their works and construction projects and as an independent entrepreneur. 
• They also have the ability not only to allow them the option to be linked to employment, but also the ability to generate associative units, cooperatives, sole proprietorships or self-employment initiatives. 
• They also develop skills to conduct research and implement new methods and construction procedures, as well as to explore the use of new building materials.


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