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Degree in Biology and Environmental Education


The Degree in Biology and Environmental Education Program develops educational process that take to the training of a degree with strength in the teaching,the educational investigation,biological diversity and the social projection;based on  the  disciplinary and pedagogical principles,the educational politics and the legal provisions.It offers to the society a modern education,and it accompanies to the student in his ethical,responsible training and in a sensible,open,critical and complex rationality,responding to the educational and investigative needs of the context.


The Degree in Biology and Environmental Education will be an unfinished and constant meeting with the knowledge from the education,the biology and the environment to educate citizens with a clear definition of his role in the understanding of the world and environmental sensibility.It will be an obligatory reference in the meeting with the knowledge and teaching values,the research and social projection,through process immersed in the curricular organization which are articulated  to the others university state and the context.



The degree in biology and environmental education is a competent and creative intellectual with environmental sensibility. For the practice of his profession, he is committed to the social group in which he pays his role by means of:

  • The disciplinary and pedagogical knowledge from the theory, the praxis and the practice.
  • The continuous updating in the pedagogical area and the disciplinary knowledge.
  • The ability for the biodiversity management.
  • The training to strengthen the rescue and the encouragement of cultural and environmental values.
  • The participation in research groups in pedagogical, environmental and disciplinary levels.
  • The preparation to formulate, design, implements and evaluate projects and programs of biological and educative nature.
  • The ability to design, develop and produce texts and didactic material.



The degree in biology and environmental education is assembled to the world of work as:

  • Teacher and researcher in the areas of biology and environmental education in the different levels of the education.
  • Adviser and researcher in the public and private institutions to develop projects of formal and non-formal education.
  • Adviser and consultant in projects about biodiversity.
  • Professional in teaching and research laboratories about biological sciences.
  • Professional in organizations related to the environmental monitoring and control.

General Information

Granted degree: Degree in Biology and Environmental Education

SNIES code:120845743336300111100

Qualified Registration: Resolución N. 6852 del 06 de Agosto de 2010

Modality: Face-to- face

Day: Daytime

Duration: 10 Semesters

Academic credtis: 160

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Schedule of attention: Lunes a viernes 8:00 a.m -12:00 m y 2:00 p.m - 6:00 p.m