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Faculty of economics and administrative sciences


The faculty was called Faculty of Economic and Administrative Science through Acuerdo Número 003 del 1 de marzo de 1999, it was formed by the following programs:Public accounting,(day shift and night shift); Financial Management(distance mode) and Business Management(distance and face to face modes)which were created between 1989 and 2001 with official registration, responding to the needs of the region and academic upgrading programs of the University of Quindío.Also,the faculty has offered specializations in fields such as audit,statutory auditor,socioeconomic assessment of Projects, tax management and Master’s degree in human talent;these last ones were in an agreement with University of Antioquia and University of Manizales.

Taking into account the development of the faculty,reflected in the updates of the Proyecto Educativo de Facultad – PEF (which was approved through Acta No.005 de Marzo 14 de 2013 of faculty council)it recognizes the difficulties which must be faced;in the same way,it plans the mechanisms for participatory planning,and it promotes academic and administrative community to integrate the processes of business development of the regions where it is present,having in consideration a context generated by the reality of a globalized world without economic borders or knowledge borders,developing  and implementing strategies to promote a comprehensive growth of students,teachers,administrative and graduates which allows its articulation with the environment understanding  the macro tendencies of the  contemporary world.


To train human resources in the economic and administrative field with professional competence and ethical,competitive and committed judgment about the sustainable development,with an attitude of permanent learning, supported by processes of teaching,research,social projection and internationalization with virtual environments learning to propose solutions that lead to economic and social development of the country and the construction of a  fairer society to respond to its challenges and dreams.


The Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences will be recognized in 2019 at national and international level by the mobility and exchange of students and teachers in their different programs; becoming leader in the academic training of integral and competent professionals in the different professions that constitute the faculty,committed with the sustainable development and innovation,able to respond to organizational and social challenges in a globalized world.


Resolution Number 1110 of November,2010 Public Accounting Accreditation. 

Resolution Number 8901 of July 15,2013 Renovation of qualified registration 7 Years Public Accounting and it is in the process of obtaining the renovation of the accreditation of public accounting. 

Business and administration Program received visit of academic peers to get high quality accreditation and it received a positive report of them.


  • Attention to the public 
  • Receiving and sending internal correspondence by Beesoft.
  • Seeing and responding postal correspondence of students, professors and Center tutorial directors.



  • Correspondence to extension centers.


  • Solving opportunely the requests that are submitted.


  • Appointment of professors and occasional professors.

Contact us

Telephone: 57 - 6-7359300 ext. 383-947. 

Schedule of attention: Monday to Friday: from 8:00 am to 12:00 am. from: 2:00 p.m. - 6:00 p.m. 

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