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Faculty of Education

Faculty of education of the University of Quindío looks out for a good, socio-affective emotional, ethical and participatory education. 
Faculty of education is located in the on the third floor of Block Education University of Quindío, Carrera 15 No 12 Norte, Armenia, Quindío.
Faculty of education develops educational processes which strengthen in students the pedagogical, socio-emotional, ethical, political, corporal dimensions of the thinking, education and environmental culture of the pedagogical and investigative practice and the internationalization,  and it guides the  graduate training,  master's and doctorate with  foundation  in  pedagogical, didactic and investigative  knowledge to contribute to  their individual  training, based on local educational dynamics and global, creative, practical and transformative critiques,  through  the learning and teaching of the disciplines in the different levels of  the  Colombian educational  system.
Faculty of education will be recognized in 2019 like an academic unit which is leader in the country for its undergraduate and graduate programs of high quality, socially accredited by joint of research, the teaching and extension from the curricular pertinence of its programs with the socio-cultural context, cross border education, its internalization, the national and international cooperation of its professors, students and graduate.
Historical overview
1964:  It is created the faculty of educational science and starts working with the pedagogy and administration program.
1967: It is created the degree in social studies and the degree in modern languages.
 1968: It is created the degree in education, its main area are biology or chemistry.
1977: In this year begins the degree in linguistics and literature.
1983: Initiates the degree in biology and environmental education, degree in re-educative .pedagogy, degree in Spanish and degree in modern languages with emphases in translation.
1983: It begins the degree in preschool and degree in elementary school and the master’s degree in university teaching. (Convention with National Pedagogical University
1984: In this year it is initiated the specialization in computing for the teaching (convention with the university Antonio Nariño of Bogota)
1986: Specialization in teaching literature and the specialization in schooling orientation.
1991: Reorganization of the academic programs belonging to faculty of education.
1994: the degree in educational administration with open and distance methodology is offered.
Postgraduate studies 2008
Master’s degree in educational science, educational accreditation 2009
Doctorate in educational science, educational accreditation 2011.
Contribute to the management of technological sources to create and advise academic process of research and social projection of the faculty of education.
In 2020, the virtual classroom will be a consolidated academic space to support the virtual processes of the faculty of education in both levels undergraduate and postgraduate.
Counseling in Educational Innovation in pedagogical processes mediated with TLC.
Management software and hardware with web tools for education.
Advice and accompaniment for designing social projection projects.
Administration of academic spaces in the virtual classroom.
Support for installation of audiovisual equipment and video-conference for users in the Faculty of Education.
The faculty of education of the University of Quindío offers seven (7) degree programs of which five (5) are face-to-face programs, three (3) are accredited with high quality and two (2) are distance programs.
Also, it has Maestría y Doctorado en Ciencias de la Educación.
Degree in Biology
Degree in Physical Education and sports
Degree  in Modern Languages
Degree ion Mathematics
Degree in Childhood Pedagogy
Degree in social pedagogy
Degree in social sciences with an emphasis in basic education
Mater's degree in Education Science
Doctorate in Education Science
Education block -third floor
Secretary: Luz Adriana León Molina
Phone: (57) - 6 - 7359375
Schedule of attention: Monday- Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. and from 2:00 p.m. - 6:00 p.m.