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Faculty of Health Sciences

By Resolution Number 24 on 05 September/1977,The Superior Council created the Division of Health Sciences which offered the following programs:Medicine,Nursing,degree in Physical Education and Health,Dentistry and Social Work.
For the creation of the faculty had influenced multiple factors: availability of economic resources that was product of the coffee boom of the time,the interest of Quindío in creating academic programs with careers of liberal nature, the interest of the rulers in consolidating the University of Quindío,strong support of then leader Dr.Lucelly Garcia Montoya and the vision of the management of the University Dr.Fabio Arias Velez and Dr.Horacio Montoya Salazar.
The faculty of Health sciences in an educational system consists of academic units that carry out processes directed to train health professionals with scientific and technical excellence, research concern and sensitivity to living things, their environments and their condition health in order to improve the health and quality of life of the regional population through insertion in knowledge networks with social leadership.Through a pedagogical model focused on the student; it contributes to the training of health professionals with wholeness and competence who are able to solve problems related to health and quality of life through attention and care of patients,families,workers,groups and problems about protection of the environment.Its activities are based on the production of knowledge and constant interaction with society in order to develop the monitoring and improvement of the health situation in the region.
For 2019,the Faculty of Health Sciences of the Universidad of Quindío will be recognized as a leader in the training of professionals and research to solve health problems of the community based on respect and promoting of human rights,the environment and society.It will expand its national and international paths,its professors,its groups and research projects with the purpose of being a regional leader in production of knowledge in health sciences,quality training and extension and social projection.
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