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Virtualization Unit

Office Functions

  • Providing advice for the implementation of the Virtual Strategy in the Institutional Educational Project, thus providing a relevant framework for the institution's current technological needs.
  • Training the professorate on the implementation of the Virtual Strategy in order to update their practice of education and to offer the studentship quality thematic content.
  • Designing educational processes about virtual methodology.
  • Outreaching the academic community so as to contribute to the modernization of the academic programs in all its levels.
  • Providing support for the educational community through training processes that seek to establish technology as an educational mediation. 

Mission and Vision

Mission: To maintain the modernization, updating and development of the educational model by using the NTICS (New Technologies of Information and Communication - e-learning) as a support tool for the academic programs, as well as to help perfect teaching methods and on-site-, off-site, virtual, permanent and extention programs with resources that improve interaction in learning/teaching processes.

Vision: Helping the University of Quindío, as a higher education institution, begin offering educational programs grounded on the NTICS and providing solutions for the public and private sectors, as per the Plan de Desarrollo Institucional (Institutional Development Plan) (2005 - 2015).